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Precision Metal Stamping, Progressive Stamping Dies, Custom Stamped Metal Parts and Assemblies, Short Run Stamping, and Sheet Metal Stamping Services provided by Nado Inc in our facility just north of the US border in Sherbrooke QC, Canada.

Nado Inc. is a competent progressive metal stamping, prototype metal stamping and full assembly service company that will meet your stringent expectations and help you secure a competitive advantage in your industry.

Our 15 presses range in order of 30-250 ton and our automatic lines can run 25 to 300 strokes / minute. We can stamp all stainless steels, carbon steels, brass, aluminum and anything else that your specifications warrant.

Nado Inc runs on a Kanban environment to ensure efficiency and quality.

Please submit a drawing or email our US representative; Ghislain Paquette at

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Nado Inc. is experienced in the following processes: laser cutting, prototype design and production, welding, sheet metal forming, CNC Machining
and much more. MA, Massachusetts, NH, New Hampshire, CT, Connecticut, RI, Rhode Island, VT, Vermont, ME, Maine, NY, New York, New Jersey, NJ, USA